Jamberry AU/NZ Intrest Landing Page Design

Resulting in just shy of 100k emails captured during a short pre-launch period.

landing page design marketing strategy html/css mailchimp integration

Marketing Strategy, Sitemap & User Flow

I created a sitemap to illustrate the user touch points and system actions.

To capture the interest of customers in that new market. The original scope was to create a single landing page that captured all the personal information up front for a sample sheet of nails. 

To improve the capture rate, I suggested that we divide the experience into primary and secondary actions. 1. Sign up to be notified when they officially launch, capturing at minimum an email. 2. Get a Free sample sheet of nails by providing a mailing address.

This strategy proved successful capturing just shy of 100k emails during the pre-launch phase.

Jamberry Au Nz Sitemap
Jamberry Au Landing
Jamberry Aunz Landing Get Nails
Jamberry Aunz Landing Thanks